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Body Spa and Waxing

Soothing Body Waxing

Balance your heart and mind with exclusive body therapy at the Caoba Hair Salon and Spa. We offer extraordinary body wraps for clients in Seattle, Washington. Now is the best time to begin this journey by exploring the many healing benefits of a wrap and massage. Feel the joy of pure relaxation in our elegant and serene settings while our licensed massage therapists work on your trouble areas, relieving the pressures and stress caused by daily anxieties.

Caoba Front Desk

60-Minute Wraps ($60 Each)

• Green Coffee Body Wrap—Localized Treatment for Cellulite Areas Only

• Desert Heat Body Wrap—Energizes the Body & Skin

• Full Body Polish—Deeply Exfoliates & Hydrates Body


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal that facilitates removal of the hair from its root. Almost any area of the body can be waxed. If waxing is performed regularly, permanent hair reduction may be achieved. At Caoba Hair Salon and Spa, we offer a full range of waxing services, including:

Facial Waxing

• Brow Shaping—$20
• Brow Maintenance—$15
• Upper Lip—$10
• Chin—$10
• Jaw Line—$10
• Cheeks—$10
• Forehead—$10
• Full Face with Brows—$40
• Full Face without Brows—$30

Bikini Waxing

• Basic Bikini—$20
• Tini-Bikini—$30
• Tini-Bikini with Backside—$40
• Brazilian—$60
• Maintenance Brazilian—$50
• Add Inner Thigh—$10
• Add "Happy Trail"—$10

Body Waxing

• Underarm—$15
• Full Leg—$50
• Half Leg (Upper or Lower)—$25
• Full Arm—$30
• Half Arm—$20
• Full Back—$50
• Chest—$30
• Stomach—$20
• Full Front Torso—$45
• Buttocks—$30