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Custom Facials Designed Specifically for You

Reduce signs of aging with custom facials by the experts at the Caoba Hair Salon and Spa. We are your source for personalized skin care in Seattle, Washington. Each facial treatment is designed for your specific skin conditions. We give you a result-oriented response to all of your skin care needs and concerns. All facials include both a hand and foot massage.

Aromatherapy Facial—$65 (65 Minutes)

This treatment thoroughly removes dead skin cells followed up by essential oils to oxygenate, detoxify and hydrate your skin. The aromatherapy pressure point facial massage relaxes your senses to balance mind, body, and spirit.

Purifying Facial—$65 (65 Minutes)

Experience a deep pore cleansing and exfoliation treatment to reduce congestion and refine the skin. Extractions are performed to remove impurities, while an anti-bacterial mask is used to speed healing and prevent future breakouts.

Caoba Signature Customized Facial—$75 (75 Minutes)

Customized for your skin type, this relaxing treatment is our most popular facial. This facial combines the aromatherapy and deep cleansing facial with an added booster designed to oxygenate, hydrate, and refine your skin's dullness.

Glycolic Treatment—$30 (30 Minutes)

This is effective for sun-damaged, breakout prone, hyper-pigmented, and thick skin with a lack of radiance and clogged pores. Treatments are most effective when done in a series of six.

Express Facial—$30 (30 Minutes)

A mini-facial to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize! It is the perfect maintenance service between full facials. Excludes extractions, hand, and foot massage.

Back Purifier—$60 (60 Minutes)

Experience a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment followed by a light massage and purifying mask. You will look and feel great.

Intense Facial Treatments—$90 (90 Minutes)

  • Anti-Aging—Rejuvenates & Softens Fine Lines While Deeply Hydrating Skin (Good for Pre- & Post-Operations)
  • Skin Lightening—High-Performance Lightening Treatment Minimizes Hyper Pigmentation & Discoloration
  • Plantomer™ Lift-off Mask—Deeply Hydrates, Leaving Skin Tight, Refreshed, & Healthy with an Exceptional Glow
  • Luminous C & Sea Lift-Off Mask—Reduces Fine Lines, Strengthens Skin Elasticity, Counteracts Photo-Aging, & Restores Youthful Appearances
  • Rosacea Lift-Off Mask—Alleviates Skin with Microcirculation Problems, Such as Couperose, Erythro Rosacea, & Acne Rosacea

Facial Add-Ons

  • Eye Gel Pads Reduce Puffiness & Dark Circles, $8
  • Intense Eye Serum Firms & Refines Wrinkles, $15
  • Lip Gel Pads Deeply Hydrate, Soothe, & Improve Elasticity, $15


Advanced Skin Care

We carry innovative skin care products that combine only the finest, non-comedogenic ingredients containing nourishing phyto and marine extracts. Our Pevonia™ products contain no artificial colors, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, or lanoline. Every product is alcohol- and PABA-free!